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Price: $400

Call/email the company to complete the rental process.

CWSL Headquarters:

CWSL Operation Centre,
27-43 Brickfield Road, Waterloo,
Carapichaima 530118,
Trinidad and Tobago
Phone: (868)-673-0009
Fax: (868)-220-5044
Email: info@cwsltt.com

CWSG Inc. Headquarters:

CWSG Inc., Lot 31 Eccles Industrial Estate,
Eccles, East Bank Demerara,
Phones: +592-624-0808
Email: info@cwsguyinc.com

CWSSNV Headquarters:

CWSSNV Headquarters:
CWSSNV, Anton Dragetenwg 214,
Paramaribo, Suriname
Phone: 011-597-458-907
Email:  info@cwssnv.com

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