Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services We Offer

Janitorial Services

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How Can CWSL Help:

We understand businesses are concerned about preventing the spread of COVID-19. We offer disinfection and sanitization, deep cleans, and terminal cleans. We can also assess what your current cleaning company is doing for disinfection at no cost.

Our clientele enjoys professional services, which include:

  • Office Maintenance/Professional Janitorial Services
  • Mall and Hospital Maintenance
  • General Services – Home cleaning
  • Specialized Restoration and Maintenance Services
  • Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance, Power Washing of driveways, Walk-ways, Walls, etc.

Our team comprises of highly trained and fully qualified professionals in Business Management, Facility, Project Management, and Techniques. CWSL team firmly believes in our Health and Safety Standards.

Based on the current demand for environmental care, all our products have been carefully selected to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers.